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I recently bought a $799 Sitcom Edo King bed from their Woodbury, MN store. It was a Saturday night, 5pm. The Salesman, Bob, was ok, but not too enthusiastic. So with no real input from Bob, me and my wife liked the bed and purchased it. Of course they did not have it in stock at their store, the had it at their distribution center in CoonRapids, some 30+ miles away.

So I head out there that night, pick up the bed and get home, excited about getting this thing put up... Start assembling the bed, 80% of the screws are missing... The stores were closed for the night, so I call in the morning.

After at least 12 minutes on hold (no physical person answers the phone, you must go through a menu and wait) I get someone, explain the situation and get put on hold for another 15 minutes. Katie, from their CoonRapids service department says they will pull some beds and look for the screws for me. I was not rude, although I was pretty upset... you buy something for this much, you expect a bag of $5 dollar screws to be in there (the instructions say they should be).

I never get a call back, I have to call them another 2 times, wait on hold then Katie tells me that Their warehouse person is not finding any screws with the other same style beds either... Now, I can't imagine that I'm the first person, in all of the states where HOM operates, to buy this bed, so I assume they have heard of this problem right? No she says, happens once a Blue Moon... Anyways, now it 2 days and nights later, still no phone call and I am sleeping on a bed with basically just slats run across them, UNSCREWED; Headboard, UNSCREWED, support beams, UNSCREWED, ME, SCREWED.

Great customer service right? I will never buy from these unethical people again.

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I work for HOM Furniture and would like to help with your situation. I would like to make your experience better and try to work on training to help the next customer. Could you give me a quick E-mail with some contact information to assist you.

to Rosendo Delgadillo #1367225

Hey Rosendo please give me a call at(507) 995-3629

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